Music Update!

Italobrothers released Summer Air today. If you don’t know what Italobrothers is you should check them out. Some of my fav songs include:

Stamp on the ground

Love is on fire

Sleep when we’re dead

These guys are great at what they do.


Sword Art Online News

Having  finished the series SAO (Sword Art Online) I have been wanting a new season more than anything else. It’s something everyone who watched the anime wants. However, many a time has a fan asked for more and got nothing. I couldn’t accept that. Being the investigative person I am, I looked high and low, through every nook and cranny (Even though it was easy to find). Look no further, for I have caught wind of a more than possible release date for a third season of SAO. Yes ladies and gentlemen you read that right… even if you didn’t, it’s still there. Just read it again.

According to Yibada ,  SAO season 3 is is supposed to release it’s cast, release date, and plot at Yuki Kajiura’s Live featuring Sword Art Online concert being held on January 14, 2017.

You will not believe how psyched I was when I found out. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs “YES YES YES YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!”   — It was more enthusiastic than reading that… That actually seems pretty lame… But I was unbelievably exhilarated.

To read more go here (Even though all that’s left to cover is what is expected in the possible new season and that you can find out more at the concert)                                      


My First Blog

As you can see… this is my first blog. If I even get one person to read this I will be happy. It feels weird talking (typing) to myself but I’ll get used to it. Thanks to WordPress for letting me blog about my life… no matter how uninteresting to you all. Until the next blog when I will actually type something other than a most awkward greeting.

So … I can stop typing … right?

Should I say bye?

Like I said … I’ll get used to it.